Getting organised for success!

Getting organised is the key to successful time management, career management and achieving your own goal setting success. And some people are better at this than others!

There are several templates in the ToolBOX that can help you in getting organised - schedules, action plans and planners – and these will do everything you need to get your life organised.

You can staple or bind them together into a personalised diary that merges your day-to-day life with goal setting actions all into one easy organizer, or just pin them up on your notice board or fridge for easy reference.

If this format doesn’t suit you, you could also try one of the following:

  • Prepare your own planners and schedules using standard software (eg MS Excel or Word) – you can then edit these digitally, or print and bind as above.
  • Use the ToDo functions and calendars available on most email programs – these are particularly good if you use your computer all the time, and you can set them up to give you reminders.
  • There are some great traditional diary systems available – many have an annual refill service, so you can bind up last years diary pages and keep for future reference.
  • There are some dedicated goal setting software packages available that help you with the whole goal setting process and your day-to-day activities – from brainstorming your life aspect wish-lists, to goal development and action-planning. If you purchase one of these packages, make sure it includes the planning aspect with electronic reminders, etc.
The key is finding something that works for you – and don’t be fooled by the hype from goal setting system sellers, the goal setting process adopted by all of them is more or less the same, and more or less as developed in the FREE Life Planning Workbook available in the ToolBOX.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on goal setting software or systems – everything you need is available in this program and supporting tools for free (they may not look as polished, but they do the same thing! Heck, a sticky note will do the job!).

It’s all about getting organised!

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