Life Tools

The FREE Life Planning Workbook has some excellent life tools, or try these ones:

Time management, Planning and Organisation

The FREE Life Planning Workbook includes a number of planners and schedules to help keep you organised and on time, but also try the following:

Activity Log – to analyse where your time goes! The first step in any time management improvement process.

And try ”Manage my Time Now” - Time Management Made Easy. Discover How to Take Control of Your Time NOW. Learn how to spend your time effectively and accomplish more than you think possible.

Or check out this article on effective time management and follow the links at the bottom of the article to the FREE e-books on time management.

Decision Making and Problem Solving

The FREE Life Planning Workbook includes a great personal SWOT analysis for your goal setting, but try the SWOT PEST, STEEP SWOT and STEEPER SWOT templates for your technical and business problem solving.

Also try the following templates and tools:

Pros and Cons matrix – a simple method for comparing options.

Appreciation Process template – use this Military based system to help solve problems and allow informed decision making.

SMEAC – while we’re borrowing systems from the Military, this template is useful for documenting your plan of action for a particular project.

Decision matrix – for comparing options against a set of criteria.

Planning and Organisation

The FREE Life Planning workbook also has some excellent planners, schedules and other planning tools to help you get organised.

Want more information on how to apply these life tools?

Also refer to the pages on time management, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Planning and Organisation, Attitude and Motivation and Emotional Intelligence.

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