Teaching Children Goal Setting

Kids that start ahead, stay ahead. And teaching children goal setting is by far the best way to help them start ahead and secure their future.

As parents, our job is to prepare our children for adulthood. So if we want our children to have a successful, satisfying and happy life then there are some fundamental life skills we need to teach them:

Teaching kids about goal setting involves setting goals in all five of the above critical life skill areas.

And it is never too early or too late to start teaching your kids these vital life skills. By teaching children goal setting, you’ll help them guarantee their future.

Check out the tools in the ToolBOX under the section on “Goal Setting Forms for Kids” – you’ll find a number of basic tools to help your children set and achieve their goals.

And of course, the Life Skills and FREE Life Planning Workbook on this site are just as relevant to your kids as they are to you. Particularly if you have older children, start introducing them to these skills – the sooner they learn them the more they’ll become second nature. 

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