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It is well known that people who have goals succeed, and people who succeed have goals. So, don’t just WAIT for life to happen and end up being disappointed with the result, MAKE it happen the way you want it to happen. There's no better time than now, to take control of your life!

But it’s more than just goal setting that will see you on your own journey to success – and this website will show you exactly what it takes and how to earn the success you deserve...

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  • Find out that it’s not just about setting goals - your attitude and motivation play a big part in your success, as does the universal “Law of Attraction”.
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You have some outstanding information along with programs, tools, tips and strategies. Your site is a gold mine for anyone wanting to better their lives. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Douglas

I facilitate training within our organisation and I was Googling, looking for information on swot analysis when I came across your site. It is really impressive and I will be passing the Free "Life Planning " program to all our managers. It is a very good example of how self analysis can work and how people can be inspired to achieve. My thanks to you.


Thank you for creating a site focusing on fantastic and effective development tools. I am also a true believer in goal setting and self-awareness. Hence why I love the DOPE test and find all of the templates and the workbook user friendly and easy to follow. The examples are a great support and aid in the effectiveness of the tools.


This is an excellent site and I have (shared it) with my boss also who is Strategic Planning Manger. It is very useful for all. Please keep it up and let us know how we can contribute to it. Thanks & Regards,


I am grateful for your site, the plethora of goal settings techniques for adults as well as for children are wonderful.


Thanks a lot for your great website, and PERFECT workbook! Thanks again.


This is an excellent site and very generous. Thank you


Thank you for all the wonderful info on your site. It is very inspirational.


Nice site and lots of great info!


Hi, I'm working thru the 'My Life Planning Workbook'. Think its really a good piece and easy read:)


This is the best goal setting program that I've come across. Thanks so much!!!



Here’s a Snapshot of what’s on this site…

Site map.
Are you getting lost on this monster success site? Try using our site map to find what you’re looking for.
Success secrets and quick tips.
In a hurry? Check out these easy-read success secrets and quick tips.
Health goals are essential for a long and happy life.
Find out how to set Health goals to maximise your enjoyment of life – lose weight, get fit, gain energy – it’s all possible if you set goals.
Your personality and your goals.
YOU are unique and will have a unique set of personal goals. Find out how your natural personality plays a role in setting goals.
Goal setting - what's it all about?
Find out about goal setting – why it works, where it can go wrong and how to set and achieve your goals.
Popular thematic goals to get you started.
Find out the most popular thematic goals – goals for your career, finance, health, community and environment, self-growth and goals for kids.
Set financial goals and set yourself up for life.
Find out how to set financial goals so you can achieve financial security to provide for your family and for your own satisfaction and happiness.
Good career goals set you up for life.
Good career goals are essential for your financial security and your own personal happiness. Find out how to get the most out of your career.
Self Growth goals and your personal development.
Self Growth is important for our psyche. Find out how you can set your own personal development goals including hobbies/ recreation, friendship goals and family goals.
Community goals and personal growth
Find out the link between having community goals that focus on the environment or society, and personal growth.
Teaching children goal setting, and ensuring their future.
By teaching children goal setting, you’re giving them a head start - because kids that start ahead, stay ahead.
Useful Life Skills for Goal Setting
Advice and tips to develop other life skills that help you set goals, such as time management and problem solving.
The secret of the law of attraction.
Find out about The Secret and how it has helped so many people achieve success through applying the law of attraction.
Essentials for success.
Get these essentials for your success – the best products for goal setting, time management, planning and other life skills vital for your success.
FREE Life Planning Program
Details of the FREE Life Planning Program offered by this website.
Free goal setting forms and tools
Use these FREE goal setting forms, templates, worksheets and activities to achieve your own goal setting success.
Goal setting articles by goal setting gurus
Check out these goal setting articles from goal setting experts around the world.
Goal setting books from the Library.
Check out the goal setting books reviewed in the Library – includes details on where you can get your own copy.
Goal Setting Links to other good goal setting sites.
Check out these goal setting links to other good goal setting and self-growth sites.
A Blog for Goal Setting
Achieve success and personal achievement through goal setting - whether you're a novice or seasoned goal setter, this blog is for you!
Goal setting highlights for the month.
The Goal Kicker
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