Goal setting systems that work

What are goal setting systems? Goal setting is just a process – but there are variations to the process, and the different proprietary systems available just emphasise different parts of the process.

The FREE Life Planning workbook offered by this website is an example of a ‘system’ that emphasises the personal nature of goals and encourages you to thinks about yourself, before you think about your goals.

Unlike goal setting software, goal setting systems step you through the goal setting journey and typically use forms and action plans to document your goals.

Goal setting systems are good if you need some guidance stepping through the goal setting process. Each system more or less adopts the same principles of goal setting, but each one has a different emphasis – so goal setting systems that work well for one person may not work for someone else.

That’s why it’s important to look into goal setting systems properly before choosing one.

The Life Planning Program offered on this site is one of many available goal setting systems that focuses on you and your real needs and wants. But if this one isn’t for you and you still think a goal setting system will help you achieve goal setting success, check out the product reviews below.

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Goal Setting Systems

”The Secret”

The Secret

You may remember the buzz surrounding “The Secret” – it has been marketed as and age old secret known only to a select few. The Secret of attracting abundance and wealth based on the law of attraction. Available as a 2 hour movie and a book, it sold over 500,000 copies in 6 months.

You can get your own copy of “The Secret” from the official website at “thesecret.tv/index.html", but you may be able to get it cheaper on Amazon as a book, DVD or video download.

Even though there are many genuine success stories, there is still some scepticism over how “The Secret” can really be applied – can you really attract wealth just by visualising the balance of your bank account? Well, the promoters of “The Secret” say you can, but for logically minded people like me – I just can’t swallow it!

But I DO believe in the power of positive thinking and the expectant power of the brain – but in conjunction with good goal setting and planning. I am much more confident in believing in my success if I have a strategic action plan in place to achieve it!

And that’s where the Science of Getting Rich seminar series is a leap forward. This ‘sequel’ to “The Secret” is based on the fundamental concept of the law of attraction, but shows you HOW to apply it. This program is expensive, but there are some genuine success stories [and I mean tremendous success stories] using this system.

The Science of Getting Rich program is being hailed by success gurus and celebrities such as Oprah, Larry King and Ellen Degeneres, as a breakthrough in goal setting systems and how people can empower themselves to success through using the law of attraction. And because this program actually shows you HOW to apply “The Secret” in your day to day life, it is having much more success than the original version.

If you're not ready to commit to the full program, then at least register for the 7 FREE Lessons. It’s a great introduction to applying the science of getting rich and gives you enough to really get your teeth into it and start making a real difference in your life. As with all good websites, there’s no obligation to do anything more than receive the 7 free Lessons!

Personal Strategic Plan

The Personal Strategic Plan offered by GoalsGuy is a step-by–step program that leads you through the goal setting process, and delivers a strategic plan of attack for your to achieve YOUR goals. It is based on the premise that life will not go according to plan, if you do not have a plan to begin with. The Personal Strategic Plan also helps you identify what’s really important to YOU – and that’s what’s REALLY important.

Personal strategic planning will help you:

  • Provide direction, meaning, and purpose for your life.
  • Create a personal vision that is filled with hope and opportunity.
  • Guide your career for maximum growth and contribution.
  • Make decisions that positively affect your future.
  • Clarify your legacy.
  • Become a better human being that adds value to society.
  • Focus your energies on what’s most important.
  • Achieve the greatest results in the shortest period of time.
  • Significantly increase your level of performance.
  • Enjoy more time, money, balance and freedom.
  • Eliminate uncertainty, anxiety, doubt and fear.
  • Leverage your skills more effectively and efficiently.
  • Prepare for all life stages including retirement.
  • Enhance your quality of life, and overall peace of mind
  • Be more, do more and ultimately have more from life.

Discover Your Potential

Discover Your Potential

Life Coaching has become a trend and it’s because it works.

Wherever you look, it seems like most everybody has a Life Coach or Business Coach, and I believe it’s a wonderful idea as procrastination and lack of guidance are two of the major problems that interfere when we want to achieve our goals in life.

When we have somebody hold us accountable for our progress it is much easier to see results. The problem for many is cost. I know people who could greatly benefit from a Life Coach but just can’t afford one… is that you?If so, you are in for a big treat.

Discover Your Potential” is a 3-in-1 all inclusive Life Coaching eProgram So here is my opinion...

Pros The eProgram is divided into 3 parts: an ebook, a workbook and one-on-one coaching for the duration of the eProgram.

The information presented in the ebook is clear and very straight forward. No filler, fluff or confusing information.

The eProgram is separated into seven sections or modules. You’re supposed to complete the program in seven weeks, one module per week homework included. The workbook is also great.

The best part was the personalized coaching… every time I got stuck or needed clarification, Tamara was just an e-mail away and I could tell she knows her stuff. And to my surprise, she was always prompt to reply… I really don’t know how she does it!

Cons The coaching is only through e-mail, which may be an issue for problems that require deeper exploration. However, if you have never tried coaching and would like to see if it is for you, I highly recommend you start with Tamara’s approach.

After all, if you need help with other issues or more personal time after the seven weeks, she’s always available for longer coaching sessions through the phone. You can contact her for more details about her coaching practice.

To summarise, I can assure you that “Discover Your Potential” is well worth it and I highly recommend it to start seeing results in your life now!

You can also read Tamara’s FREE ebook “How to set SMART goals and get your mind focused into action”.

7 Day Success

There are several essential steps required to achieve your goals, each one representing a success creating skill that all successful people possess and practice. There are many self-help programs available that teach you these steps – one of the better ones is the 7-Day-Success program.

7 day success

This program takes all the critical success strategies and turns them into a step-by-step process that thousands have already used to reach all sorts of goals, from tripling income, to starting a business to losing 50 pounds and more. This is an Action-Step-By-Step-Guide which will take you virtually by the hand and push your life in as little as 7 Days onto the road to success.

This isn’t a simple self-help eBook that is going to end up in some folder on your computer. This is a complete program — including follow up and accountability – that is literally a “lifeline” to whatever you want to achieve.

Every day you will be guided to fulfill one step towards the achievement of your dreams. You are not left alone with theoretical explanations because the core element of the 7-Day-Success-Ebook always is Action.

I definitely recommend that you take a closer look at this program.

Brian Tracy Success Systems

Brian Tracy is a “rags to riches” story using and he has developed his own set of principles for success. He has taught these principles to 4 million people in 46 countries and has become one of the top success teachers and gurus on personal performance in the world. People who apply his special formula experience immediate changes and long-term improvements in every area of life.

Brian Tracy has a website dedicated to his success teaching – check it out today and don't forget to get your FREE copy of his FREE CD’s on the 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

7 Habits of highly effective people

America's number 1 business book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People teaches you how to achieve greater fulfilment in all areas of your life.

With profound insights and incisive anecdotes, Stephen R. Covey presents the principle-centred, Inside-Out" approach and outlines a step-by-step path to integrity and balance.

And the 7 Habits phenomenon forms the basis for several goal setting systems and has lead to the development of many support tools, training systems and resources – which are all available through FranklinCovey.

Or try the following:

  • Personal Brilliance Daily Appointment is a unique tool that incorporates your personal affirmations and visualizations into a relaxing audio suite. By listening daily, you consistently focus your awareness on your goals so you can take full advantage of opportunities as they appear.
  • Rich Dreams – offers a FREE 7 part course on how to attract wealth and abundance through positive thought. Rich Dreams has also supplied an article for this site on “The Big Secret”.
  • DreamManifesto - provides advice on how to manifest your dreams and offers a FREE E-Book on the principles of successful manifesting.
  • Selling Riches System v1.0, a subscription service aimed at internet marketing and offering a full-fledged Home Study Course, a Members-Only online access area and a 50/50% Affiliate Program with Marketing Tools.

Other useful systems…

Emotional Intelligence Training Program

If you’re a manager or team leader in any function and you’re serious about implementing emotional intelligence in your team, then check out these training videos. They are a bit more costly than other DVD’s available, but they are worth it because they aren’t BORING!

And as adults, we all learn best when we are motivated, interested and have a reason for learning. These training videos set the perfect training environment and make EQ interesting and fun. Your team will be practicing EQ in no time!

There are two training programs available:

BRAINS! Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


How Does Hollywood Teach Emotional Intelligence? BRAINS! excites, entertains, and engages your group as they learn. Just as emotional intelligence is an important part of everyday life, it's present in the movies, television, and historical figures we've all come to know. Viewers discover practical strategies for building EQ that come to life right before their eyes.

BRAINS! Helps people with…

  • Self-awareness
  • Decision making and planning
  • Efficiency and time management
  • Customer service and positive attitude
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
…everything you need to create team harmony, effectiveness and efficiency! The complete kit includes reusable training resources for 10 participants, including:
  • BRAINS! Video on VHS and DVD
  • Leader Guide and Handouts
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • 10 Reminder bookmarks
  • 10 Brain stress balls
  • 10 Flashing lapel pins
  • Signed copy of the Emotional Intelligence Quickbook
There’s also the DVD Investigating EQ.

Emotional Intelligence

Follow reporter Gabe Garrett as he investigates Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace. Daily Show meets The Office approach; corny humor teaches the principles of EQ. You will giggle and actually might learn something about yourself or your crazy co-workers.

This DVD borrows from a 'Jon Stewart'-like news format and entertains as well as educates. It's very easy to watch and leaves you with some great information to help understand the basis of EQ and how it can be put to work in any organization. I've seen other training videos - all BORING - but this one sets a new standard.

So if you’re REALLY serious about EQ, then check out these great training programs. You’ll find more EQ resources including DVD’s in the Library.

”Manage my Time Now” - Time Management Made Easy. Discover How to Take Control of Your Time NOW. Learn how to spend your time effectively and accomplish more than you think possible.

Or download one of Rigdha’s FREE e-books from - just click from the list below!

Self Study Guides from Mind Tools

"How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You"

How to Lead

The “How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You” self-study program teaches the 48 essential skills needed to be an effective, respected leader. It starts by helping you to evaluate you own leadership style, and learn to use your strengths and manage weaknesses.

And it then goes on to teach you the key skill-sets needed to lead effectively: Creation of a robust vision of the future; motivation; execution and team member development. This is a high quality program, developed in partnership with true world experts and includes tools, tips, tests and email courses helping you to be an exceptional leader.

"Stress Management Master Class"

Stress Management Master Class from MindTools.com

In this Mind Tools course, you’ll learn how to tackle the deep structural problems that cause stress in your working life.

The program has been designed, researched and tested in collaboration with stress experts at University College London.

As well as introducing you to relaxation techniques, its unique approach shows you how to win control of your job and career, build positive relationships with powerful people and co-workers and thrive under intense pressure.

"Make Time for Success!"

Make Time for Success! is Mind Tools market-leading downloadable self-study time management and personal effectiveness system. It teaches powerful, industrial-strength techniques that help you identify what YOU want out of life, organize and achieve your goals, and make the most of the opportunities open to you.

In doing this, it transforms your life outcomes, helping you to become focused and highly successful.

Achieve more in less time with these 39 tips from the pros on managing time, effort, and others. Order the142-page e-book to reduce your stress and free up time.

Super Mind Evolution System is a revolutionary method for controlling your own mind to manifest a successful life. And get a FREE copy of their eBook “Super Dream System” and learn more about dreams and Dream Programming, possibly the simplest and most potent technique taken from the incredible research of Jim Francis. The ability to cure your mind and body whilst sleeping.

Still looking for something useful? Check out the goal setting software available. Or try the Library for a good range of goal setting books, and various goal setting articles.

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