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The FREE Life Planning Program offered on this website is a workbook style program that you can work through at your own pace, and is supported by practical tools, templates and assessments – which are all FREE!

We like to call this program a ‘Life Planning’ Program rather than a ‘Goal Setting’ program - the term ‘Goal Setting' implies something quite specific.

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This program can of course be used for setting and achieving specific goals, but think of your life as a goal in itself and in order to take your life where you want to, then ‘goal setting’ should apply to your whole life. Whether you look at life as the accomplishment of a series of specific goals, or ‘life’ as a goal in itself, this program applies to you.

This is not a ‘system’ or ‘scheme’ that will give you what you want, because we don’t KNOW what you want – you’re the only one that does. What this site offers you is better than that – through the Life-Planning-Program, it offers you the tools and skills for you to work out EXACTLY what you want and HOW to achieve it! And it’s all FREE!

Make sure that you take enough time to go through each lesson properly – don’t feel tempted to rush through the workbook activities or reading just to ‘go through the motions’! The Life Planning Program will only really work for you if you put in the right amount of time and effort. Remember, everything important in life takes effort – having a productive and happy life is probably THE most important thing, so put the effort in – you’ll be glad you did when you start getting results.

Each lesson has set of ‘outcomes’ – these are what you will achieve in that particular lesson. Make sure you understand these and keep them in mind when going through the lesson. At the end of the lesson, go back to the ‘outcomes’ and ask yourself whether you have achieved them. If not, go through the relevant sections of the lesson again. Each lesson builds on the outcomes from the previous one, so it is really important to fully understand each lesson before moving on.

Be prepared with a pen and paper to complete the written activities as you progress through the program, or download a ‘Blank Activities’ booklet from the ToolBOX before continuing.

“Can I just answer the questions in my head?”, I hear you ask. “NO” is the answer. The act of putting something down in writing is very powerful as it takes something out of your mind and brings it into reality – putting your ideas and thoughts down in writing is critical to the goal setting process. Don’t even attempt to do it in your head, as you are just giving yourself an unnecessary handicap from the start.

Tips for Using the Life Planning Program

Some tips for using the program:

  • Take as much time as you need to complete each lesson properly. Don’t be tempted to rush through the early lessons dealing with preparation – as you’ll see, these are the most important lessons you’ll learn!
  • Do ALL the activities, even if they don’t seem important. They are all important in helping you understand the goal setting process and successfully plan your life.
  • Only do one lesson per day at the most (it doesn’t matter if it takes longer than this) – this gives your brain time to ‘sleep on it’ and digest all the information.
  • Make sure you really understand the process, even if you have to read the material several times.
  • Make sure you can concentrate wholly on the workbook – put the kids to bed, shut the door, get comfortable, and get into it!
  • Keep it personal – this is all about you, not about what other people think you should do.
  • Don’t be afraid to write down your true feelings – no one else has to read it!

Proof it Works!

I asked a close friend of mine to give the life planning program a go to see what she thought. She kindly gave me permission to provide her responses to the program activities and goal setting tasks as a fully worked example, so you can see how the whole process works – from the activities in the very first lesson to the final action plans, and how they all provide direction to your end goal. I’ve made some explanatory comments and observations (in caps) on the example as well.

You’ll be pleased to know that she is taking action on her goal using her action planners, and is very happy with the result – she is well on track to achieving goal setting success and is now using the process to help her achieve her next set of goals!

You can download the worked example from the ToolBOX on the website.

So, go ahead and plan your life! Do it NOW and achieve your own goal setting success!

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