Time Management

Time management is a useful skill in all aspects of life - and goal setting is no exception.

And most employers value staff with good self-management skills such as managing your time, so it is an essential career skill as well as being useful for making our lives much more manageable.

Time and self management is about making the most of the time we have available to us – we can’t create more minutes or hours in a day, and you can’t store surplus time for when we really need it. We can waste time though – and some of us do this very well – so the only way we can get more out of our day is to avoid the time wasters.

So check out these tips on:

Also check out the section on 'Planning and Organisation', which goes hand in hand with Time and Self Management by keeping you on track and on task so you don’t waste precious time doing activities that just aren’t important.

There is also this site on time management and goal setting. It contains information, strategies, and resources for personal and career success... You'll find hundreds of articles, tips, and tactics related to time and self management, goal setting, and productivity.

What time management skills do YOU think are critical for success? Write a page on it and teach others…

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