What are thematic goals?

Thematic goals are just a set of goals for a particular life aspect – whether that is career goals, financial goals, health goals – the list goes on.

We have put together some information – and tools – on some of the most popular goals. I’m sure at least ONE of the following goals will be on YOUR list:

  • Financial Goals - Find out how to set financial goals so you can achieve financial security to provide for your family and for your own satisfaction and happiness.
  • Career Goals - Good career goals are essential for your financial security and your own personal happiness. Find out how to get the most out of your career.
  • Health Goals - Find out how to set Health goals to maximise your enjoyment of life – lose weight, get fit, gain energy – it’s all possible if you set goals.
  • Personal and Self Growth Goals - Self Growth is important for our psyche. Find out how you can set your own personal development goals including hobbies/ recreation, friendship goals and family goals.
  • Community and Environmental Goals - Find out the link between having community goals that focus on the environment or society, and personal growth.

And of course, not forgetting the most important people in our lives – we’ve put together this section on teaching children goal setting.

Tell us about YOUR thematic goals and inspire other goal setters to achieve!

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