Self Growth Goals

What are Self Growth Goals? Well, all goals you set will be ‘personal’ to you, but these goals are for the benefit of YOU.

And it's important that you take care of your own self - your soul, so try setting goals that include:

  • Family and personal relationships – what REALLY makes us happy.
  • Friendships – making new ones, fostering good ones and ditching the bad ones.
  • Self Growth or personal interests, hobbies and recreation – the ‘Me Time’ we all need.
  • Spirituality – knowing what spirituality means to you and how to connect with it.

So it's about personal growth and connection with things other than material possessions and it is these goals that bring true happiness and satisfaction.

Achieving a suitable life balance demands that we identify personal growth goals and how to achieve them.

Tell YOUR personal success story and inspire others to achieve…

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