Spirituality is about your soul and your connections to non-physical realities greater than yourself – your personal Nirvana. It may be religious enlightenment in some form or a soul connection with the universe.

Whatever it is, it is unique to you and your psyche and is an important element in your psychological health.

To help you understand your soul, the following common concepts of enlightenment may help [from Wilkipedia]:

  • Meaning – significance of life; making sense of situations; deriving purpose.
  • Values – beliefs, standards and ethics that one cherishes.
  • Transcendence – experience, awareness, and appreciation of a "transcendent dimension" to life beyond self.
  • Connecting – increased awareness of a connection with self, others, God/Spirit/Divinity, and nature/Nurture.
  • Becoming – an unfolding of life that calls for reflection and experience; including a sense of who one "is" and how one knows.

So achieving enlightenment may be:

  • Improving your wisdom and willpower.
  • Achieving a closer connection to Deity/the universe.
  • Removing illusions or "false ideas" at the sensory, feeling and thinking aspects of a person.

What does spirituality mean to you?

Read this article on your life purpose for more information…


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