Subliminal Messages and How to Use Them

We’ve all heard the hype on subliminal messaging and conspiracy theorists are quick to provide examples of how modern advertising is full of it to trick us into buying whatever they’re trying to sell.

But does subliminal messaging really work?

Way back in the 1950's, a subliminal messaging advertising pioneer named James Vicary had a brainstorm. Working with his client, a movie theatre owner, Vicary spliced small bits of cellulose into the existing movie film. He added one here, then another further along the reel and yet another ever further into the movie.  Each splice represented just one frame of the film. A single frame moves by much too quickly for the human eye to even catch it.

Yet, in the movie theatres where James Vicary conducted his experiments, sales of that new beverage Coca-Cola shot up 18.1% and sales of popcorn popped by 57.7%! James Vicary was hailed by the theatre owner as an advertising genius.

And he was a genius, for James Vicary had discovered a secret of the human mind that's still as valid today as it was in the 1950's. When Vicary spliced those snippets of film into the movie reel, they weren't blank. On each and every piece he had carefully printed the phrase...


Now maybe that wasn't the most ethical use of the concept of subliminal messaging, but it is plain to see by this one example alone, that subliminal messaging really works. The argument of course is then if you can subliminally send yourself messages and affirmations that are designed to improve your life – and that you have complete control over – then subliminal messaging can really help you achieve your goals.

So how to you send yourself subliminal messages? First of all, you need to work out what message you want to send to yourself – and the rules of writing affirmations apply here. Then if you have video or audio editing software already, it’s as easy as splicing text messages/ images into you regular playlists. 

The self help pc tool

Don't have the software?

If you don’t already have this type of software, and don’t really want to invest in video/ audio editing, then you can try a specific subliminal messaging software program like Subliminal-EZY or Sculptor3.  

Subliminal-EZY takes two powerful, life-changing concepts and combines them into one software program. Using SubliminalEzy, you can feed powerful affirmations straight to your subconscious, any time you are using your computer, without having to say them out loud. And, in fact, without even being consciously aware that you are doing anything at all to change your life.

Here's how it works…

SubliminalEzy is a PC program that runs in the background while the user is busy typing or reading or surfing the 'net. All the time, SubliminalEzy is flashing subliminal messages, in such a way that they are sent directly to the user's subconscious mind!

There are over 70 powerful prewritten affirmation categories, but SubliminalEzy also includes everything needed for the user to create your own personalized affirmations.

This is a Subliminal Messaging Software program that combines with the power of affirmations to help people improve their lives and reach their health, wealth and happiness goals. The entire package includes the SubliminalEzy Software for Windows as well as over 70 Powerful Pre-Written Affirmations. 

You also get these 5 FREE Bonus Gifts:

FREE Gift #1 - "Quick Start Affirmation Course": Whatever your goals in life, SubliminalEzy's "Affirmation Course" can help you reach them. Detailed and easy to use!

FREE Gift #2 - "In-depth Revealing Personality Test": This eBook version of the popular personality test helps you discover what your personality type is so you can use it to your major advantage!

FREE Gift #3 - "Beautiful Motivational Screen Saver!" Displays hundreds of quotes to motivate and inspire you and further help you reach your dreams!

FREE Gift #4 - "26 'Must-Read' Health Reports": I've included these because the little-known revelations they contain can help you obtain great health!

FREE Gift #5 - "My Ideal Relationship With Money": Helps you create a healthy relationship with -- and attitude towards -- money.

Try it here: Subliminal-EZY

Or there’s the Sculptor3 program which combines 7 results-amplifying technologies that have been promoted to increase the power and speed of manifestation – they are affirmation, visualization, alpha sound technology, subliminal technology, sentence completion, assignment writing/goal setting, and whole brain synchronization.

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