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I’m Sam Sander. I’m a civil engineer by trade [and yes, I’ve heard the joke about there being no such thing as a ‘civil’ engineer], but have spent the last 5 years managing an engineering business.

And managing the people in that business.

So in that time, I’ve learnt a lot [mostly the hard way!] about how to get the most out of people and how to help them be successful at what they do. So I decided to start this website to share my experiences with the world!

Find out HOW we did it or tell us how YOU did it and inspire others to achieve…

The website offers free practical tools including a step-by-step goal setting workbook, templates, personal analysis tools and action plans... not to mention, lots of information on everything you need to know about goal setting and other helpful advice on how to get the most out of your personal goal setting journey.

And I’d love to hear from you too! Provide feedback to the website, or submit your own goal setting tools and articles to share with the world! [keep reading to find out how]

Anyone can set goals and ‘succeed’ – and it’s my aim to show people how.

Yours truly,

Sam Sander

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Think you've got a better goal setting tool than ours? Have you written a great goal setting or success related article?

If you do and want to share them with other site users, send them in! And if we think they’re good too, we’ll add them to the ToolBOX or articles page – kudos to you of course! Make sure you provide your name as you would like to see it on the website when we credit you for your great Tool.

We appreciate your feedback on this site so that we are able to improve our program and services, so even if you don't have a 'tool' to submit, we welcome your comments. Be honest and fair in your comments – we value constructive criticism and suggestions on how we can improve, as much as compliments and comments on the good bits of our site.

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We do our best...

We provide this website as a service to fellow goal setters. The information contained within this site is periodically updated, however no guarantee is given that the information provided in this website is correct, complete, and/or up-to-date.

For more information, check out the full disclaimer for this site.

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We take a personal stance against unethical use of the internet including SPAMMING, so we take safeguards to make it harder for those unscrupulous SPAMMERS to hack your contact details from us.

The only details we ask you for are for the purposes of crediting you for feedback if we use it on the site [with your permission of course], crediting you for submitted goal setting tools or emailing material to you if you subscribe to one of our services - and all we really need is an email address to send it too! We also ask for your name, so you know it’s addressed to you and not just a piece of SPAM that’s arrived out of the blue. Other than that, we don’t ask for (or need) any other personal details.

We won’t pass on your details to anyone else either.

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