Our Success Story

This is OUR success story. Tell YOUR success story and inspire others to achieve…

Our story is a simple one – we are ‘normal’ people, with a ‘normal’ upbringing and education. I am a civil engineer and my partner looks after our two beautiful sons.

Now, for the last several years I’ve been managing a small engineering business – and managing the people in that business. I can tell you now – dealing with concrete and steel is a whole lot easier than growing people!

But it has been a challenge and I’ve learnt the hard way about HOW to do it. And I realized that it all comes down to being personally ‘satisfied’, and that each and every person in my business had a different idea of what personal ‘satisfaction’ is.

But whatever that definition of personal satisfaction or success is, the one thing in common is HOW to get there – by having a DIRECTION, a PLAN to get there and MOTIVATION to drive us there.

And of course, as an engineer – I naturally put that into an equation:

SUCCESS Story = Goals + Action Plans + Motivation

And that’s when I thought it would be good to share my knowledge with the world!

Now, this creates another challenge. I am a consulting engineer which means I write lots of reports and can set up some pretty fancy spreadsheets – but that’s about the extent of my IT knowledge.

So to build a serious website about my experiences – I was going to need some help! And although my 4 year old son can successfully negotiate the internet, he is probably a few years away from being able to help…

Fortunately my partner can across a fantastic website building product from SiteSell.com, called Solo Build It! [or SBI! for short]. This site also offers a great e-book – “Affiliate Masters Course” – which steps you through HOW to create a successful website, whether for an Affiliate business or a content based information site [You can find a FREE copy of this e-book in the 'ToolBOX', courtesy of SiteSell.com].

Engineers by nature are very conservative creatures [most of us are 'Owls'] so I thoroughly digested this e-book before making any spur-of-the-moment decisions. And I was impressed by what I read.

All the info you need to execute a powerful, successful strategy is contained in the Masters Course. Nothing is held back - I was amazed at the great ideas and the perfect process, laid out in an organized and do-able manner. It shows you exactly how to establish a credible and successful website – whether you use SBI! or not!

Solo Build It!

And I was so impressed, I decided to use SBI! to build this website [and Your Money and Finance too], and this is part of our success story.

SBI! Is based on the same powerful, successful strategy contained in the Masters Course, and all of those perfect processes are laid out in the SBI! Menu page in an organized manner to allow you to build your website block by block.

So SBI! delivers the tools to make it even easier and faster to get the job done, rather than just doing the Masters Course alone.

We believe that we've found the single best solution, the total solution for building a content based website or affiliate business, so if you are interested in doing either of these then I strongly encourage you to consider using SBI! And DEFINITELY work through the Masters Course - it will be the beginning of YOUR success story too!

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