Personal Goals are the Key to Goal Setting Success...

Personal Goals are the key to success - and the biggest mistake people make when setting goals is thinking ‘BIG GOALS’ rather than thinking ‘PERSONAL’.

BIG goals are fine, as long as they are what you personally want – setting a goal to ‘keep up with the Jones’ is doomed to failure from the very beginning. Setting a goal because you have a personal desire to achieve it, is the foundation of every successful goal. Peronsal goals are what you really want.

In other words:

…people who succeed have personally driven goals, and people who have personally driven goals succeed.

As a typical example: it seems that everywhere you look on the internet and in magazines, there is an overwhelming expectation that everyone wants to earn more money. This is propagated by today’s materialistic society where success seems to be measured by how much money you make, what type of car you drive and so on [read the 'warning on consumerism' in the 'Success Secrets' tab on the NavBar if you need convincing!]

In reality, these things only feed your ego, and at the end of the day, don’t reflect what is really important – family, health and well-being and self-fulfillment. Success is more than material or financial reward.

Money of course is what makes the world go round and you need a certain amount of it to live comfortably and to achieve your goals, but the goal to earn more money should be driven by other needs such as the desire to give your kids the best education, rather than just for the sake of it.

I can tell you now that if your goal is to earn more money for no apparent reason, you’ll never achieve it and you’ll never be satisfied!

In other words, the “WHY” is more important that the “WHAT”.

If you know this, then you are more likely to achieve your goal because you’ll have a personal reason to do so.

Whatever your idea of ‘success’ is, it is personal and unique to you so don’t let anyone else tell you how to measure your success – you’re the only one who can honestly do that.

And don’t forget that people who succeed have goals, and people who have goals succeed – so to achieve your personal success, you need to set personal goals.

The other big mistake people make when setting personal goals is failing to act on their goals. Having a set of personally driven goals is one thing, but turning that into a useable course of action is another!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s really important to put the groundwork into getting your goals READY by making sure they are personally focused, and you also need to set-up your goals so that you’re AIM is in the right direction. But for the FIRE, you need an action plan and you need to take action.


Yes, goal setting takes some time and effort, but remember that this is your life we’re talking about here – don’t you think it’s worth spending a little time and effort now, if it means you end up achieving success? Trust me, the end result is worth it.

And even if you’ve had a stab at goal setting before and didn’t succeed, give the TOOLs on this website a go. You’ll find out the pitfalls of goal setting and how to avoid them, and how to grow from your goal setting experiences – successful or not!

The important thing is don’t be afraid to try setting personal goals again – the FREE Life Planning Workbook offered in this website shows you exactly HOW to do it, and gives you the TOOLS you need to make your goal setting journey a success [check out the program by clicking the 'FREE Program' tab on the NavBar].

Of course, you may already be a seasoned goal setter, in which case this program will give you some great tips to support your goal-setting journey. Or you may be a repeat ‘New Years Resolution’ offender with good intentions that become a case of 'set-and-forget'.

So, don’t just WAIT for life to happen and end up being disappointed with the result, MAKE it happen the way you want it to happen by setting personal goals. There's no better time than now, to take control of your life!

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