What will be on YOUR Tombstone?

Your tombstone is a concise summary of your life – what you have achieved, and how people remember you. If you truly achieve your life-long dreams, then this inscription will be the verbalisation of it.

Consider the following inscriptions - do any of these or parts of them, appeal to you?

Your Tombstone is a summary of what you have achieved in your life.

How do YOU want to be remembered?

Have a go at preparing your own tombstone inscription. Of course, if your tombstone is the concise summary of your life, your obituary is the unabridged version and will essentially be a list of what you achieved in life - in other words, the goals you’ve achieved.

So if you are really feeling inspired, draft up an obituary for yourself – this will help you work out what’s really important to you as it will reflect what you want to have achieved in your life.

Think about the following questions:

  • What is your definition of success (for you)?
  • What is your definition of failure?
  • What makes you eternally happy?
  • What makes you sad, or what would you rather not end up doing?
  • What would your life look like if it were perfect?

Know your 'Big-Picture' and use the visualisation of it to motivate you to success. So go on - take control of your tombstone inscription.

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