Community Goals

In today’s materialistic society, community goals are often seen as low priority.

However the reality is that the community we live in has a huge influence on us personally – it fosters safety, responsibility and sustainability – so it is important that we take our community seriously for the greater good of humanity and for our own personal benefit.

After-all, there are many high-profiled people who are great believers in community and the planet. Bill Gates donates millions of dollars to charities, Bob Geldoff and U2’s Bono are great crusaders against world poverty, and even many celebrities offer money and their time to a variety of causes.

Yes, these people have the money to give and their image has done pretty well out of their endeavours – but at the heart of their generosity is the genuine desire to make a difference. And they do.

But, you don’t need lots of money or fame to contribute to the community – we all can. YOU can.

And it is my honest belief that we should all have a personal goal to be socially responsible and look after the planet and help those less fortunate than ourselves – in other words, we all should set and achieve goals to benefit the world around us.

Of course, it's just about helping others – you will gain many personal benefits from setting community goals. Depending on your goal you can gain new skills, friendships, spiritual connections and synergies with other goals like health and wellbeing and even financial goals!

Most importantly though, you’ll gain an appreciation for what REALLY matters – and it’s not fame or fortune!

Do YOU contribute to the community or environment? Tell YOUR community story and inspire others to contribute…

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