The Big Secret

An article by Tom, Diane and Penelope

Today I want to tell you the BIG SECRET.

What is the one thing that determines whether you live a rich, successful life?

Is it the school you went to?

Well, there are a lot of doctors, lawyers and top-tier MBA's wishing that were true.

Is it whether your parents were rich or poor?

The history of the world is told, it seems, by those bold and daring folks that came from humble beginnings to make a rich and lasting contribution to the wealth of humanity.

Is it what country, station, race, gender or religion you were born to?

Gandhi, George Washington Carver, Carrie Nation, Sam Walton, even the Beatles testify to the folly of such thinking.

The big secret to wealth is and always has been very simple. So simple in fact that we have for centuries ignored its effectiveness. And when you hear it now, you may be tempted to discount it as a homily or even a remnant of religious thinking.

The truth is we use this secret in a very specific and systematic way to become Rich Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. And you can too.

Ask and Receive.

That's the secret. You can have anything you want, all you have to do is ask correctly and be willing to receive.

It took my family from a 2nd personal bankruptcy to a rich and happy life.

Regardless of where you start, the simple system we teach can help you live the life of your dreams.

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Good Luck and Great Adventures,
Tom, Diane (wife) and Penelope (daughter)

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