Goal setting forms for kids

The best way to develop goal setting forms for kids is to create them from scratch with your kids.

But if you need some inspiration, try the following ‘skeleton’ goal setting forms. You can use them as is, or get your children to decorate them with stickers and drawings or just use them as a guide for creating your own forms.

Here is a great little booklet submitted by one of our readers (you can contact her on sgauvin@mail.com) – she developed it to begin to chart her daughters interests. Afterall, if you understand what interests your children, you are much better placed to help them identify and achieve their goals.

Here’s the booklet: My Journey

…and here’s the initial concept page for the booklet: My Journey Concept

And here are some more tools we’ve developed:

Goal Setting Form – to help your child set their own goals and identify the actions needed to get there. You can also try these great goal setting forms for kids .

Budget and savings plan – this is a good tool to help your child budget with their own pocket money and teach them the value of saving for something special. There’s also a sheet for your child to record what they spend their money on so they can appreciate where their money goes –something adults don’t always have a handle on!

Savings Thermometer – a fun way to monitor savings for something special. Just write the cost of the special item at the top of the thermometer, and some increments to get to this cost, and as your child saves up to these increments they can colour in the thermometer until they reach the top.

“Chores” checklist and monitor – use this one if you set particular tasks for your child and intend to reward them for their efforts with ‘prizes’ rather than pocket money. The prizes could be a special dinner or a trip to the beach! Whatever suits your budget and you agree with your child.

Good Behaviour monitor – similar to the chores checklist above, this one is for setting and rewarding good behaviour targets.

Prize Wheel – these instructions for a prize wheel can make rewards for children even more fun! Just spin the wheel when they are due a reward! You can make your own rules when it comes to prizes that have already been one – ie can spin again, or win again.

Don’t forget that some of the tools that accompany the FREE Life Planning Workbook are also useful for your kids – try the DOPE Test and HGMI Test, and also the personal SWOT analysis so your children start to appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses.

Do you have a story or some advice that could help kids achieve? Write a page on it and help kids get ahead.

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