The Goal Setting Process

The following flow-chart attempts to illustrate the goal setting process. Also note the list of TOOLS in the left hand column – these are all available in the website’s ToolBOX either as separate downloadable Tools or as part of the FREE Life Planning Workbook also downloadable from the ToolBOX.

The Process for Setting Goals

The Goal Setting Process

The process of setting goals is a never-ending one – it changes as your needs change as you get older [or mature!], or if your life situation changes, for example if you start a family. But whatever stage of life you’re up to, the process remains the same:

  1. What’s the 'big-picture'
  2. What do you want and what can you achieve
  3. Set SMART goals based on achieving what you really want
  4. Prepare action plans that allow you to launch into action
  5. Monitor the progress of your goals.

Someone once told me that you need to ACT to succeed and achieve life satisfaction. And to be motivated to act, you must have goals – as well as the right attitude of course. Remember that YOU are the only person who can take control over your life, so do it NOW!

The FREE Life Planning Program helps you apply this goal setting process to your own life. Or click on the 'How to Set Goals' or 'How to Achieve' tabs on the NavBar to find out more. 

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