How to make money

If you’ve realised that you really need to make money [well, more of it anyway] to achieve your financial goals, there are a number of ways you can do it.

  • Get a pay rise or negotiate different conditions
  • Get a better job or a second job
  • Start your own business
  • Try your hand at making money on the Internet
  • Sell something

Refer to our sister site Your Money and Finance for 'how to' advice on how to make money - including the above money making options...

But what ever you try, remember the golden rules to make money:

Rule No. 1: You can’t get something for nothing! You either have to put in effort (ie your time and skill) or cash.

Rule No. 2: High returns usually mean high risk – don’t get tricked by high risk schemes and don’t put in more than you’re prepared to lose. Read the section on 'investments' to understand this more.

Rule No. 3: There is no such thing as a “foolproof, get rich quick” scheme – they are all scams.

Rule No. 4: Even if you make more money, you still need to manage it - budget, save, invest, insure your wealth, protect your assets and reduce your debt.

The key thing to remember is not to let the pursuit of making more money cloud you vision – remember what really matters to you and make this your measure of success and happiness.

What we did...

The evolution of the Internet has meant that everyday people have easy access to a range of information and opportunities - and this is how we started off with this website.

By far the best return on your time investment to make money is if you become an infopreneur – develop your own unique website to share your knowledge with the world! You can then earn money from this website through advertising, affiliate programs and maybe even selling some of your own products or services.

Remember though that it does take time – and a lot of it! You won’t make a successful website overnight, but you can do it and make money over time with the right direction.

Solo Build It!

If you're interested in becoming an infopreneur, then you’ve got to at least look into Solo Build It!

We used it to build this website - it really does take the uncertainty out of the process using it's block-by-block website construction method [great for those of us whose kids have more IT savvy than us!].

The site also includes heaps of FREE information and advice about HOW to build a content based website, or check out the E-business tools in the ToolBOX.

Don't think you've got the time to do all this? These FREE e-books from Rigdha Acharya may help. Just click from the list below!

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