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There is something refreshing about starting a year a-new, and New Years Resolutions are still one of the most popular ways to do it.

Of course, it’s important to realise that New Year resolutions aren’t the only chance you’ve got to set yourself goals. Birthdays, seasons, the start of the month and even every Monday are all great times to set goals. In fact, you can actually set goals anytime you like! Any epiphany will do!

But no matter when or why you get started on your goal setting journey, you’re going to need some resources to help you. So here are some FREE ones to get you going:

Life Planning Workbook

Life Planning Program is a workbook style program that you can work through at your own pace, and is supported by practical tools, templates and assessments – which are all FREE!

We like to call this program a ‘Life Planning’ Program rather than a ‘Goal Setting’ program - the term ‘Goal Setting' implies something specific.

Or you could try one of the following FREE E-Courses on goal setting.

  • Goal Setting E-Course: Foundations and Keystones – this course helps you work through the foundations and keystones of the goal setting process by helping you understand what’s really important to you and how YOU influence your own goal setting destiny. This course is great for goal setting beginners!
  • Goal Setting E-Course: Making your Roadmap to success – this course is a natural progression from the Goal Setting Foundations E-Course and helps you turn these strong foundations into achievable goals through the effective and proven process of SMART goal setting and action planning.
  • Mini goal setting E-course – this is a shorter version of the above 2 courses rolled into one simple E-course. This course is great if you already have some goal setting experience under your belt and understand the basics of the goal setting process. The course refreshes the most important parts of the goal setting process, so you don’t lose your way.

These E-courses and the workbook are all based on the same concept of understanding yourself first, before you can understand what goals you really want to achieve. We’ve had some extremely positive feedback from the workbook (the e-courses are based on the workbook) so please give it a go. And it’s FREE.

Here’s some more mostly free resources:

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