The Goal Setting Foundations and Keystones E-Course

The Goal Setting Foundations and Keystones E-Course helps you work through the foundations and keystones of the goal setting process by helping you understand what’s really important to you and how YOU influence your own goal setting destiny.

This course is ideal if you’ve only just launched into goal setting or if you’re having difficulty working out what you really want out of life – and is the natural precursor to the Goal Setting Roadmap E-Course.

Of course, if you think you’re already established strong foundations for your goals – then this E-course is a great validation tool to give you that confidence to move forward.

And like the foundations of a house, if your goal setting foundations aren’t strong and stable – neither will your goals or life direction! So I can’t stress enough the importance of getting your foundations right.

A detailed course outline is provided after this E-course submission form.

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Course Outline

Lesson 1: All About Goal Setting

Find out:

  • What exactly ‘goal setting’ is
  • Why goal setting works and why it is important to YOU
  • Why the goal setting process often fails and where you can go wrong
  • Why you have or haven’t succeeded at setting or achieving goals to date (which ever is the case)
  • The fundamentals of the goal setting process

Lesson 2: It’s all about you!

Find out:

  • Why your personality will affect your goal setting
  • Your behaviour profile and how it may affect your goal setting

Lesson 3: It’s all about what you like

Find out:

  • What natural intelligence is and why this is important in goal setting
  • Your natural ‘aptitude’ and how to use this in your goal setting

Lesson 4: Get the ‘Big-Picture’ first

Find out:

  • The definition of ‘success’ and what it means to you
  • The aspects of life that are most important to you
  • What your ‘big picture’ is for the most important aspects of your life

Lesson 5: Determine what you really want

Find out:

  • How to do a Mind Map
  • How to use mind mapping to turn your day-dreams and wish-lists into a concept of what you really want

Lesson 6: Determine what you can actually ACHIEVE

Find out:

  • How to do a SWOT Analysis
  • What your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to use this information during goal setting
  • What opportunities you have
  • What threats there are to your goal setting journey

Lesson 7: Putting it all together into something useful

Find out how to pull all of the above information into something useful for your goal setting journey and build strong goal setting foundations for your future.

Want more information?

If at any stage you want further explanation or expanded information on the material presented in the E-course, refer to the Life Planning Workbook (Chapters 1 to 4) in the ToolBOX or click on the 'About Goals', 'About YOU' and the first parts of 'How to Set Goals' tabs on the NavBar.

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