Goal setting for an 'Eagle'

The bold eagle is dominant, stimulated by challenge, decisive and direct. They can be blunt/ stubborn, can lose sight of the big-picture and can be insensitive to other people’s needs, but are natural achievers.

What you naturally do well…

  • You’re already highly focused, driven and highly motivated, so result focused goal setting is ‘natural’ to you.
  • You’re not afraid of failure and just see it as a challenge to bounce back.
  • You’re persistent in achieving goals, even if it means making personal sacrifices to get there. You take risks.
  • You are independent and like to do things "your" way. You don't like to fail.
  • You like being productive and making progress.
  • You are motivated by power, challenge, results and achievement – a natural leader.

What to watch out for…

  • You may lose sight of the big picture.
  • You may not pay enough attention to the detail, leading to lack of adequate planning.
  • You may choose goals for the thrill of the chase or from being impulsive, rather than well thought out goals that you really want.
  • You can be inflexible, impatient and easily bored with detail, which can make you take needless risks.
  • You can be stubborn and sometimes too confident for your own good.
  • You may value results over people.

Tips for goal setting success…

  • Use you natural goal setting ability to your advantage – write them down and take the time to plan properly.
  • Regularly review your 'big picture' and make sure you’re still heading there so you don’t go after ‘empty’ goals.
  • Be flexible enough to change your tack if necessary. A change in plan is not a failure.
  • Consider other people's feelings and let them help you achieve.

As an eagle you will find success because of your own natural ambition, drive and motivation to achieve. Being a natural goal setter, you will succeed if you keep focus.

Are you an eagle? Tell us about it and help other eagles understand who they are – or help other ‘birds’ understand you better.

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