Goal setting for a 'Dove'

The compassionate and peaceful dove is people-orientated, loyal, friendly hard working and a great team player but tends to avoid change, confrontation, risk-taking and assertiveness.

What you naturally do well...

  • You’re a natural ‘people person’ and enjoy helping other people succeed.
  • You’re good at building relationships and networking – the key to your success.
  • You get fulfillment from satisfying social needs like friendship, sense of belonging and community service.
  • You’re a team player, loyal, easy to get along with, patient and reliable.
  • You are happy to follow plans as part of a team, but not necessarily on your own.
  • You are motivated by relationships, shared goals, community service and the common good.

What to watch out for…

  • You are not a natural goal setter and focus more on the needs of others than your own.
  • If you do set goals, they are more likely based on what other people think you should do rather than what you really want.
  • You have difficulty confronting problems and asserting yourself.
  • You tend to avoid conflict and risk taking, particularly on your own. You tend to resist change.
  • You’re not a good planner and don’t particularly like detail.

Tips for goal setting success…

  • Think about yourself for a change and put your needs first. What do YOU want?
  • Don’t be influenced by others in setting your goals – the goals need to be yours and yours alone.
  • Make sure you are diligent in asking “Why do I want to achieve this goal?”
  • The answer should NOT be “…because so-and-so said I should”.
  • Don’t sacrifice your own goals to keep someone else happy.

As a dove you will find success through your ‘people skills’, relationships and networking. Recruit other people to help you achieve your goals – people like you and will happily be involved.

Are you a dove? Tell us about it and help other doves understand who they are – or help other ‘birds’ understand.

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