Start Where You Are, a book by Mena Baines

by Jennifer
(Sydney, Australia)

People were telling me all the time to be positive. But I am a realist. How can I be positive when things around me are not going well? Anyway, finally, I found this book “Start Where You Are”, that actually recognized REALITY!!! Yippee!!!! Somewhere I could operate from. Once I read this book twice I started to understand some of the things in it and how they could be really helpful to me.

I have changed some really tough stuff in my life around now. But I didn’t achieve this through positive thinking or trying trying trying. I did it by going further into the reality I was facing and understanding my own position more in it. I realized that although I thought I was helpless all I actually needed for my own particular challenges were more information. And after reading the book I did a think tank and starting focusing on finding information that I needed, even though I didn’t know where to look at the start. But I did find it and it does work!

Since then I have read this book several times because there is so much in it. And what I find are gems that are helpful to me just when I need them. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants more than positive thinking! I was given the actual book by a friend but the ebook version is available for download at

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Jan 25, 2016
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Nov 05, 2015
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