Recovering from a Head Injury

Following a traumatic brain injury at the age of 9 years old my entire life was in a shamble due to all the setbacks mentally and medically.
Not only did I draw more attention to disabled people on how to recover psychologically from a head injury but I also carried out some new methods of what can be done to treat seizures.

Aside from attending special ed. classes at school afterwards to boost my curriculum I engrossed in reading books and magazines on health, wellness and fitness.

During middle school I dedicated myself to weight training and bodybuilding so I would have a fine frame if my academics didn't unfold.

I used some of the most stout friends of mine as inspirations to heighten those dreams of becoming as fit as I was. Basically I was the most breathtaking teen on the campus of the junior high I attended because of all the healthy extremities that I carried inside, and all the features I carried out when exercising.

In high school I decided to become a marathoner my junior and senior year since I picked up on the fact that running can elevate the neurons in healthy people. Basically my teachers and family members thought I was out of my mind trying to run a 26 mile course while on a medication.

Despite my limitations with heat and training time I managed to carve out 30 to 40 miles a week 6 month's in advance and ate some of the most vitamin and protein foods like pancakes in the morning and spaghetti at night. Well I finished my first of 8 marathon in Houston TX in 4hrs 6 mins.

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