Not Ready part one

by Destiny
(Lakeland, Florida, United States)

Today my friend Jazmine came to me crying today--with teens you never know why they are crying. She ran to me quickly before school with her backpack slung over one shoulder. She stopped in front of me and grabbed my shoulders then hugged me tightly. You would"ve thought this girl was dying, and by what she was crying about I bet she wish she was. We stood by my locker for a short awkward moment, her crying on my shoulder mumbling something. It sounded like "kill me, please",but finally I said "we should get to class" then she got herself together and stopped crying, but now her makeup was ruined. We walked to the girls bathroom together to fix it up. It felt kind of weird with her still sobbing while walking so close. When we got to the bathroom, I took my makeup out of my backpack and began fixing her makeup. "Child why the heck are you crying" I asked not sounding very caring. "Well, before I tell you, you have to make a promise". She looked kind of worried though. "Girl of course I will, you know I will, what is is?". I asked this with a little more concern even though I didn't know what I was geting into. "You can't tell my parents either!",she looked around the bathroom this time. "Okay, hold on, what exactly are we talking about now? "I don't like this promise, I thought to myself. "Just promise!". Now she looked irritated."Okay, what?". She turned her backpack around to her chest and started going through it hastily. Then she stopped and pulled something out slowly. It took me a second to realize what it was, but then I understood. It was a pregnancy test, and she handed it to me! I really didn't want to hold it but I was curious and it was killing me to know, so I took it from her and looked at it closely. The little box where the sign is had a blue cross, even without the symbol meanings I knew what a blue cross meant! "I should beat you upside your head!" I looked at her disgusted. "I'm so, so sorryTaiga I wasn't thinking!",and she started crying again. "Well duh, I can see that!". I looked at it closer then tossed it on the girls counter and began crying too. She grabbed me and straightened me up to hug me. We stood there crying and hugging for a minute or two until the warning bell rung. I stopped and stood more upright still hugging her. I pulled her up and whipped her eyes. Jazmine then stood right in front of me still sniffling. I was suprised nobody came in the bathroom, they usually piled in bringing their boyfriends--NO WONDER--but not today! She scooped the test into her backpack. I had so many questions, why couldn't I ask them? Finally I built up the courage to ask my questions, it probably didn't help that I asked them all in the same breath. "With who, why did you, did you use protection, are you going to keep it, do your parents know? I answered the last question myself, of course her parents didn't know. Jazmine shused meand said "I will answer those later, but for now let's get to class!"

...To be continued

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Oct 13, 2015
Story NEW
by: Berry

I liked your story! Can you share the whole one at this blog The would be awesome! Thanks!

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