Healthy Finances E-Course

The Healthy Finances E-Course helps you work through the foundations of good, solid personal finance by helping you understand the basics – budgeting, saving, debt management, investments and more. And the best part about it is that it’s FREE!

This course is ideal if you want to get a real handle on your personal finances – your current financial health and planning your financial future. The course sets out the foundations of good personal finance management. But if you just want some tips on how to tighten your belt a little, then try the “Belt Tightener” E-Course instead!

Each lesson of this 7 part E-Course gets you to focus on a different aspect of your personal finance, and steps you through the basic processes of managing your finances. Topics covered include:

  • Mastering the basics of personal finance – it’s not rocket science!
  • How to prepare a personal budget – and what you need to do next
  • How to manage debt and prepare your own debt reduction strategy
  • Assets and wealth protection for holistic personal finance
  • Investments and planning for retirement
  • How to make more money if you need to
  • Summarise and recap.
The E-Course makes use of the FREE personal budget spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel), but you can do the course without it if you don’t have access to Excel.

So, register now and get healthy finances today!

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Want more information?

The “Healthy Finances” E-Course is hosted by Achieve Goal Setting Success on behalf of our sister site Your Money and Finance, where you can find even more information on personal finance, as well as a great personal budget spreadsheet (in Microsoft Excel).

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