Handling Divorce

by Zale Tabakman
(Toronto ON)



My story is all about Divorce. It just covers the superficial level. Anybody going through a divorce will know how deep the problems truly are.

I am a middle aged fellow and one day (not out of the blue) my wife said - its over. She wanted out.

Several years later - I am still not sure why. There was no other man, I didn't do anything majorly stupid, she was just totally disappointed in me. I could go through all the mental gymnastics that it was really her thing. But that would be beside the point.

We have 5 kids aged 8-18 at the time. So it was pretty traumatic for me. I was concerned about where to live, the relationship with my kids, how I was going to cope.

It was horrible. I couldn't imagine anything worse than what I was going through. I have no siblings, my parents are both dead, I am not close to any relatives, and all the friends took sides or avoided me.

I did the basement apt thing. Wandered around for days doing nothing.

Several years later, I now have a new girlfriend (at 52 - is she a girl?) I run marathons, I have a number of businesses, I have a home, and I have good and getting better relationships with my kids.

I still have bad days here and there. But life is good and the future will be great.

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Oct 09, 2015
how to handle NEW
by: Www.top5essaywritingservicesuk.blogspot.com

You know for lots of people divorce is something very hard to handle. There are a lot of negative situations during, As for myself my parents divorced when I was 4 and I don't feel like it's a trouble.

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