Effective Goal Setting Technique

Effective goal setting is a technique that can be learned and applied efficiently into your every day life. But before starting the process of accomplishment, you have to decide for yourself what it that you truly want is. Make your goal as detailed and realistic as possible.

Sit down, close your eyes and visualize yourself after accomplishing your dream/goal. Then take a piece of paper and list all the benefits you intend to receive from achieving it. The more benefits you can think of, the more inspiring you goal will become. In order to get and stay motivated you have to concentrate on the benefits, not the goal itself.

Any effective goal setting technique requires both mental and physical effort. By mental effort I mean changing all of the negative beliefs that stop you from accomplishing your goal, into the positive ones.

Reread your goal right now! Do you think it is possible to achieve it? Will it be difficult? Are there any traits of character that may stop you from achieving your goal? Are you afraid that your future success may provoke jealousy in other people? Usually if you have any negative beliefs related to achieving your goal, you do not stand a chance to succeed.

Only replacing them with positive ones can eliminate negative or limiting beliefs. To do that start by writing down beliefs that are standing on your way to accomplishing your goal and then change them into positive beliefs. For example, “I don’t deserve such success, because I am not very talented”, becomes “I am a talented person and I deserve to be successful at what I do”.

The more right messages you are sending to your mind, the greater will be the outcome!

Next step in goal setting technique is to start acting towards achieving your goal. This is a physical effort you apply in order to turn your dream into reality. Most people fail to achieve their goals simply because they don’t know how to take an action.

In reality all you have to do is to make a clear plan of a number of steps you need to take to accomplish your goal. Break that plan into smaller objectives that you can later put on your daily to-do list. The most important thing is to create momentum by working towards your goal regularly. Make it a daily habit of it and you’ll notice a progress very soon. Always reward yourself for every objective accomplished and move towards the next objective.

With that easy goal setting technique you will be able to turn your energy in the right direction, increasing your persistence and boosting self-confidence at the same time.

About the Author: Arina Nikitina is the author of these FREE Goal Setting Tips.

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