Career Tools

Why do you need career tools?

Your career probably occupies the greatest part of your day and brings in the majority of your income – so it’s important to chose the career that’s right for you in the first place and then manage this career to get the most out if it.

The “Career Goals” tab on the NavBar includes tips and advice on how to get the most out of your career, and the “Life Skills” tab also includes information on self-management skills that are essential for every career.

And try these tools to support your career goals:

5WH for Career Development – use the 5WH template to work out what you want out of your career. Then by using the 5WH template for Job Evaluation , you can evaluate job prospects against these ‘wants’.

Career Health Checklist – assess your current job and career. Are you really doing the best thing for your career or are you stuck in a rut?

Career Journal – use this journal template to document your career highlights, mistakes and lessons learnt, training, continuous improvement and networks.

You'll find many more career tools at the mind tools website .

So use these tools and take this job and love it!

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