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Goal Kicker – Happy Financial New Year
July 01, 2011

Happy New Financial Year (in Australia at Least)

The first of July marks the start of the new Financial Year for some countries like Australia, so it’s a good time to take stock of finances and recap – or start thinking about – some financial goals.

And for those of you who aren’t starting a new financial year just now, just remember that year 2011 is now half way through and we’ve started the downhill run to the end of the year - so it’s still a good time to take stock of finances and recap on some financial goals!

Having financial goals is important for everyone – after all, in today’s consumer society financial security is required for our very survival, not to mention allowing us to live in the level of comfort we desire.

Financial security is considered a Level 2 Maslow need [Refer to the section on Motivational Needs under the “About YOU” tab on the NavBar to find out more] and therefore needs to be achieved in order for us to be happy.

Not having enough money can be a cause of great stress, unhappiness and family arguments. But strangely enough, having TOO much money is also a cause of unhappiness – the endless pursuit of fame and fortune has been the downfall of many ‘high-flyers’, particularly if ethics and morals are compromised in this pursuit.

So the most important part of setting financial goals is to know exactly HOW MUCH money is enough for you and your family, and then you can go about setting your goals to achieve this.

But whether you are making enough money, not enough or too much – what you actually DO with your money can have a big impact on your lifestyle. Someone with a well-managed budget can end up with a better lifestyle than someone on a higher income that doesn’t’ have a budget.

So it's about how to MANAGE your money, not just how to earn it. And you can make an immediate impact on your finances by changing how you manage your money.

What can you do? You can:

So having easily attainable financial goals is about taking you head out of the sand and getting on top of all the above aspects of your finances - and get your family involved too – particularly your kids. Managing personal finances and setting goals is an important life skill for everyone.

Tools from the ToolBOX

The ToolBOX on the website contains FREE forms, templates and worksheets for all your goal setting needs, including a range of tools and E-Courses on how to manage your finances!

Always remember to get professional financial advice, but these tools will give you a nudge in the right direction and at least to get you started.

The first E-Course in the ToolBOX is the ”The Belt Tightener” E-Course. We all need to reign in our expenditure from time to time and “The Belt Tightener” E-Course that steps you through over 100 ways to save money is just the tool to give you a helping hand.

Just register at our sister site here.

Each lesson of this 7 part E-Course gets you to focus on a different aspect of your spending, and provides tips and techniques to help you save money. Topics covered include:
  • Shopping habits and spending priorities
  • Saving money on utilities – power and water – and save the environment too!
  • Making your grocery budget go further
  • Dealing with pester power – how you can save money with your kids and why it’s good for them too!
  • Saving money on transport
  • Optimizing your insurances, loans and other contracts
  • How you can actually enjoy frugal living!

So, register now and start tightening that money belt today!

Or you can try the ”Healthy Finances” E-Course. The Healthy Finances E-Course helps you work through the foundations of good, solid personal finance by helping you understand the basics – budgeting, saving, debt management, investments and more. And the best part about it is that it’s FREE!

Just register at our sister site here.

Each lesson of this 7 part E-Course gets you to focus on a different aspect of your personal finance, and steps you through the basic processes of managing your finances. Topics covered include:

  • Mastering the basics of personal finance – it’s not rocket science!
  • How to prepare a personal budget – and what you need to do next
  • How to manage debt and prepare your own debt reduction strategy
  • Assets and wealth protection for holistic personal finance
  • Investments and planning for retirement
  • How to make more money if you need to
  • Summarise and recap.
So, register now and get healthy finances today!

For more information on all things financial, refer to the ”Your Money and Finance” website.

Well that’s it for now – just remember that a penny saved is a penny earned – so make the most of those pennies and start setting your financial goals today.

Best regards

Sam Sander
Achieve Goal Setting Success
Your Money and Finance
The Success Squid

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