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The Goal Kicker – March 2009 Hot Topics
March 15, 2009
Hi <>,

The Goal Kicker – March 2009 Hot Topics

Hi! Welcome to the mid-month mini issue of “The Goal Kicker: Hot Topics”.

We’ve been getting lots of requests for more information on Time Management, so we thought we’d make “Time Management” the hot topic for this month. You may recall we covered time management in our August 2008 edition of Hot Topics, but we’ve found some more products and tools (including FREE ones) since then - so here they are!

Of course, the website is dedicated to helping you achieve success – including a range of skills like time management you need to help you along the way - so I also recommend that you read through the pages on ”Life Skills” and check out the Life Tools available on the website too!

Now, here are some tools and websites that you’ll find helpful (and mostly FREE):

  • Mind Tools - this site has lots of useful information (a lot of it is FREE) on personal management skills including time management, problem solving, communication skills, etc.
  • Time Thoughts - offers practical goal setting, time and stress management advice, including the FREE Productivity Start-Up Kit.
  • Affirmware - FREE affirmations course to get your positive affirmations for success working for YOU. Write yourself some affirmations to beat procrastination!!
  • Goal reminder service - Don’t waste time remembering your goals, this FREE service allows you to register 3 goals and then you will receive monthly reminders of these goals so you can monitor your progress or just be triggered to do something to achieve them.

There are also six FREE e-books in the “Manage My Time Now” series, by Rigdha Acharya – just click here.

Of course, if you’re looking for a career success ‘system’ with a bit more grunt, then the following programs and services are the pick of the bunch (and are really quite affordable, when you think that this is your career we’re talking about!):

  • ”Make Time for Success” - market-leading downloadable self-study time management and personal effectiveness system from MindTools. It teaches powerful, industrial-strength techniques that help you identify what YOU want out of life, organize and achieve your goals, and make the most of the opportunities open to you. In doing this, it transforms your life outcomes, helping you to become focused and highly successful.
  • The Goals Guy - helps individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations transform their lives and their businesses to achieve greater simplicity, focus, balance, confidence, enjoyment, and income.
  • Or you can try goal setting software to improve your efficiency including Sculptor 3 or Goal Pro which also has a free trial version.
  • ”Manage my Time Now” - Time Management Made Easy. Discover How to Take Control of Your Time NOW. Learn how to spend your time effectively and accomplish more than you think possible with this 63 page e-book.

For more information on how to set and achieve a goal, check out the following pages of our website:

Time Management - including tips on how to manage procrastination and how to use an Activity Log

Decision Making and Problem Solving - to make you more decisive (and quit wasting time in making decisions)

Planning and Organisation - how being organized is the best way to save time.

”Tips to Get Motivated and Overcome Procrastination”, an article by Arina Nikitina.

”4 easy steps to stop procrastination”, an article by Rigdha Acharya.

”5 Tips to manage your time effectively”, an article by Rigdha Acharya.

If there is a particular success related topic you’d like us to cover in “The Goal Kicker: Hot Topics”, let us know and we’ll see what we can do…

Catch you next month!
Sam Sander
“A stitch in time saves nine.”, my mother

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