The Blue Butterfly

I don’t actually have my own inspirational story to tell, but I would like to retell a true inspirational story I’ve heard. It’s quite a famous story now and has been turned into a beautiful movie called “The Blue Butterfly”.

But the inspiration behind this movie is quite remarkable and is based on the true life story of David Marenger. David was born in 1981 in Quebec, Canada. When he was only six years old he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and was given only a few months to live.

David retreated from his world of pain by collecting and studying insects – and especially butterflies. His one dying wish was to be able to catch the legendary “Blue Morpho” (Mariposa Azul), a magnificent blue butterfly found in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America.

The Children’s Wish Foundation granted him his wish and he travelled to Mexico with accomplished Montreal entomologist George Brossard, to catch the blue butterfly. David was so weakened by his condition that he had to be carried through the jungle by Brossard on the hunt for the butterfly, but in the end his dream came true and they finally caught the butterfly.

David’s doctors didn’t expect him to survive much longer after he returned to Canada. But his battle against cancer was strengthened and a miracle occurred. The cancer went into remission. David is now fit and healthy, which he credits to hope, belief and perseverance.

David is living proof that belief and perseverance can lead to miracles - and best still, he is sharing his inspirational story with other sick children to inspire them to overcome their illnesses.
You’ve just got to watch the movie “The Blue Butterfly” – knowing that it is based on such an inspirational true story just adds to the powerful message of the movie.

Hope and perseverance can conquer anything.

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Jun 27, 2015
David C. Chauvin NEW
by: Alice

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Jul 30, 2011
by: Jim

The movie is excellent with beautiful scenery and closeups of insects, very colorful butterflies.
The amazing thing, to find out it is based on true life, and that the young boy's cancer went into remission on his return from the trip was very heartwarming, to say the least...I hope he pursued his studies of insects too...

Jun 03, 2010
the blue butterfly
by: Chrissy

The blue butterfly is so pretty and beautiful

May 08, 2008
I cried when I heard this story
by: Natalie

I've watched the "Blue Butterfly" movie - and boy did I cry! Mostly because I new it was based on the true story described briefly in this post.

Such an inspiration.

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