Owl through and through

I am an owl. It seems like I have always been very interested in people who have extensive knowledge in whatever their interest is. For a while it was my highest ambition to become a college professor--I realize now because of how knowledgeable they all seem to be and how much is required to become one. I love to just listen to people talk about the details of how to do something well and what makes something work.
My husband (pretty sure he is a Peacock by the description) can become frustrated with me when I always know just how much we can spend without putting ourselves into unnecessary debt.

As a musician and teacher, I do tend to spend hours on the details of one particular objective to the detriment of the big goal. Sometimes I create resources that I could find already completed somewhere but I am just "sure" that the students will benefit more from mine and just obsessed with trying to do it myself. (I get that I actually do not have all of the answers lol!)

I definitely overplan everything!! The meals in my home are planned two weeks in advance and I research all of the grocery circulars and coupons to get the best prices and stock up on everything we need. Vacations are not fun for me unless I have created an itinerary with all of the directions, fees and prices, budget, packing lists, etc that we could need. All of that work just to enjoy life!!! I admire my husband's ability to just wing it but I have a hard time following suit. He calls spontaneously to suggest a bowling date that night with another couple and I am instantly asking questions and thinking through the details. He just goes with the flow, and I am sure it is more fun! That's why i was attracted to him in the first place....
I think a lot of my tendencies come from having an "owl" for a dad. He was always making lists for everything in our home, never left the house unprepared for whatever event was coming (we always brought extra warm clothing just in case--even in summer). Yet, my sister is not entirely that way, so I assume it is somewhat built into me as well.

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