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New Years Resolution D-Day
January 01, 2019

New Years Resolution D-Day

Happy New Year!!

I hope you are all in good spirits for the potential of 2019, and are excited about the prospects and opportunities that the future brings.

Now, over the last 4 weeks, if you’ve been reading our newsletters, you’ve looked closely at what you want to achieve in your life and what in particular you want to achieve this year. So what we are going to do over the next few weeks, is turn these into real goals that you can take action on.

Of course, today probably isn’t the best day to do this – if you’re like me you’re probably a little hung over and gorged from the festivities of the Christmas/ New Year holiday! And it’s a holiday – just enjoy yourself!

But what you can do today and before you receive our next newsletter (in about 3 days), is read over the description of your perfect life you hopefully wrote down at the ‘3 weeks to go’ mark.

Read it, visualise it, put yourself mentally in the picture of it – does it still excite you, motivate you, make you feel happy? If YES, then you’re well placed to start serious goal setting with our next newsletter.

If you’re left feeling a little luke warm, hopefully it’s just the excess volumes of champers you drank last night, but it’s probably worth reflecting on the exercises of the previous newsletters just to make sure you really have an understanding of where you want your life to go. Because if you don’t, you won’t be setting the right goals for yourself.

And as a starting point, how about re-establishing and mastering your morning ritual - wake up and start the day feeling empowered and energetic and see how much you can really achieve!

And don’t forget, you can try one or more of the following FREE resources to help you on your journey:

  • Goal Setting E-Course: Foundations and Keystones
  • Goal Setting E-Course: Making your Roadmap to success
  • Mini goal setting E-course
  • 7 Little Known Goal Setting Tips - FREE E-book from Arina Nikitina.
  • FREE affirmation course – just click on the “Free newsletter’ tab in the menu for access
  • Anyway, enjoy your holiday, spend some time with the people you love and be armed with your 3 top goals for the next edition of the Goal Kicker, which you should expect in a few days.

    Best regards

    Sam Sander
    Achieve Goal Setting Success

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