Self-Improvement Links

Check out these self improvement links to other good goal setting and self-growth sites.

Mind Tools - this site has lots of useful information (a lot of it is FREE) on personal management skills such as time and stress management, problem solving, communication skills, etc. They also have some great goal setting/ life planning products.

The Goals Guy with more goal setting links - helps individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations transform their lives and their businesses to achieve greater simplicity, focus, balance, confidence, enjoyment, and income.

How to Create the Life You Always Wanted - Free Ebook - Make your dreams come true, Empower your Life with Intentions. It’s time to live your dream.

How to set and achieve a goal - a step-by-step technique for achieving your goals. You’ll find some FREE stuff on this website too, including the ebook ”7 little known goal setting tips”.

Motivational and positive quotes - Passages about values, success, character, and integrity and most definitely positive vibes! Welcome!

Discover Your Potential” - 3-in-1 all inclusive Life Coaching eProgram. You can also read this FREE ebook “How to set SMART goals and get your mind focused into action”.

Time Thoughts - offers practical goal setting, time and stress management advice, including the FREE Productivity Start-Up Kit. More goal setting links.

Goal reminder service - this FREE service allows you to register 3 goals and then you will receive monthly reminders of these goals so you can monitor your progress or just be triggered to do something to achieve them. Also check out the Free e-book available on this website.

Online counseling for the help you need. Highly effective and affordable online counseling services with an unconditional money back guarantee.

Global NLP Training provides NLP training seminars and tools for life coaches in Asia, Europe and North America.

Dreamsnare - A growing web community focused on dream interpretation and how they relate to our most important life's goals. Learn to enhance your lucid or vivid dreams. Discuss topics ranging from fantasy to freedom. Check out Dreamsnare and you may find some insightful shared reviews to help navigate the mysteries of your own subconscious.

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