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Check out these resources links to other good goal setting and self-growth sites.

Success Wallpapers - 100% unique, free, high-resolution inspirational wallpapers and images focusing on a large and growing variety of topics on success, motivation, and self-improvement. Also features a motivational resources directory. Site content added bi-weekly.

Need to Look for or Make a Free Printable Resume? Try these resume samples and formats for Waitresses, Preschool Teachers, Executives, and College Students. will help Get You Hired!

Talking book store - a good source of audio books and recordings, with over 8000 titles to download in a wide range of categories. There’s something here for everyone.

Amazon – not just an on-line book store, search Amazon for DVD’s, video download and goal setting software, as well as thousands of self-help books.

Site Sell – Everything you could possibly need to know about HOW to establish a successful business or personal website is available FREE from Site Sell. It’s what we used to get this site up and running!

Franklin Covey - a wide range of products and techniques to get you organised. You can even design your own planners!

”Manage my Time Now” - Time Management Made Easy. Discover How to Take Control of Your Time NOW. Learn how to spend your time effectively and accomplish more than you think possible. Check out this article on effective time management and follow the links at the bottom of the article to the FREE e-books on time management.

YouPublish - a free site where you can upload your own documents, music, images, ebooks, whatever and share them, sell them and promote them. And of course you can find heaps of FREE stuff here too. - Motivation, Self Improvement And Success. Daily articles, free tips and advice on motivation, self improvement and success.

Harmony Radio sells meditation music narratives and instrumental downloads that will empower you to “Live your best Life”. Grow each day in wisdom, good health, financial strength, wellness, loving relationships and abundance.

Clutter Free - tips and resources from a Professional Organiser in Sydney, Australia. Includes some excellent on-line organizing tips for everyone!

Ignite Your Essence – Personal Development Ignite Your Essence is home to professional speaker Justin Popovic. We at Ignite are all about people goal setting and reaching their dreams. We offer workshops, coaching,keynote speeches and links to all things personal development. If you can dream it, we can help you achieve it.

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