Motivational Speakers

There is no doubt that motivational speakers have become a profitable business for people with the ability to inspire the masses and sell the message of achievement and personal growth.

Tony Robbins is probably the most well known modern motivational speaker, but who are the others? Well there are many – but here are the ones we think are worth a mention:

  • Jim Rohn – Jim is credited for influencing many others in the personal development industry, including Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. Having an uneventful childhood and education, Rohn found himself in the familiar ‘rut’ of a salaried worker, just keeping his head above water.

    Being inspired by the life philosophy of entrepreneur John Earl Shoaff, Rohn began a process of personal development - and he became a millionaire within 5 years!

    Jim Rohn joined the motivational speaking movement to pass on his personal development philosophy to the world.

  • Zig Ziglar – another ‘rags to riches’ story, Zig Ziglar was born into a farming family of 12 children, before serving in the Navy during WW II. After the war, he became a salesman and overtime, developed exceptional sales skills, eventually becoming vice president and training director for an Automotive company.

    It was then that his passion for motivational speaking developed, making him one of the most well regarded speakers on the full-time motivational speaking circuit.

    He is still writing motivational books, with his latest ‘Better than Good’ published in 2006.

  • Mike Litman – an example of how, with drive and ambition [and some good goals], you can achieve anything, even if at first you don’t know how. As a young man, Mike Litman dreamed of creating a personal development system that would have a positive influence on others.

    Having no idea how to actually achieve this, he spent several years researching success systems while working in mediocre jobs. After interviewing a series of successful people, Mike Litman self-published the interview transcripts, which quickly became a best seller.

    This was the turning point in his career, as Litman developed a life coaching and motivational speakers business which he still runs today.

  • Brian Tracy – similarly, Brian Tracy is a man driven by his own desire and ambition. Like other motivational speakers and self-help experts, Brian Tracy passes on his skills through on-lines courses and audio presentations.

    Although having a sales focus, Brian Tracy’s methods are equally applicable to all businesses for increasing productivity and profits.

  • Wayne Dyer – and finally, Wayne Dyer. He is credited in bringing humanistic ideas to the masses, including in his best selling book, ‘Your Erroneous Zones’.

    Wayne Dyer has a Doctor of Education in counselling, so his presentations on positive thinking and motivational speakers techniques tend to have a more spiritual and humanistic quality than some of his goal-setting colleagues.

    A driven businessman, Dyer has proactively promoted his philosophy through books and talk shows, making him one of the more successful motivational speakers of our time.

What does the above summary show?

Well it shows that anyone can achieve if they put their mind to it. From ‘rags to riches’ stories and normal people with an uneventful childhood, but a driving desire to achieve.

Anyone can succeed. YOU can succeed.