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Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a useful tool not only for goal setting but for planning of any home or work project – and you can prepare one on the back of an envelop, on a whiteboard or in a notebook. But like all skills, a little bit of mind map training goes a long way to helping you master this versatile technique.

Now, you’re in luck!! NovaMind has developed a 14 part video E-Course on the how-to’s of mind mapping. And best of all – it’s FREE!!

And if you want to learn how to use Mind Mapping techniques effectively then you must register for this FREE Video Training Course.

It goes through 18 main uses of Mind Mapping and gives you in depth information about how to benefit from using Mind Mapping for each of those purposes.

Register today.

The course refers to NovaMind’s mind mapping software. NovaMind is an excellent graphical tool for mind mapping and works wonderfully simply in a way that almost hides its complexity and wealth of intuitive features. And best of all, you can get a 30 day free (and obligation and risk free) trail – just click here.

NovaMind has also written a comprehensive book on the ‘HOW TO’ of mind mapping. This book is not just for NovaMind mapping software but is designed for anyone who needs to be more organized and efficient at life or who is looking for something to help them with their problem solving or pitching ideas. The book does refer to the NovaMind software for examples, but you can apply the principles in this book to other mind mapping software and to the good old hand drawn versions too! You can get a copy of the book here.

Mind Mapping on your iPhone or iPod

And for all you iPhone and iPod addicts out there, it is now possible to prepare mind maps on your portable with iBlueSky Mind Mapping for iPhone and iPod Touch integration with NovaMind.

The first release of the integration is being rolled out in two stages - firstly with the ability to create your Mind Maps in iBlueSky and send them as NovaMind files that you can open up directly in NovaMind to use the full power of NovaMind. The second stage is expected to be available soon, and will include the ability to also send a NovaMind file to iBlueSky, so there will be a two way round trip possible between the two applications.

Having a great Mind Mapping application in your pocket, available at any time is great for ad-hoc Mind Mapping, making your to-do list on the go, brainstorming new ideas wherever you are, taking notes in meetings, and so on.

But the real power comes in when you combine it with a fully featured Mind Mapping program like NovaMind so that you can enhance the Mind Maps with great graphics, full color control, different branch shapes, and add to the depth of the data with branch notes, hyperlinks to web pages and other supporting documents, as well as task information, and you have all the ways of using the Mind Maps like using the NovaMind presenter, exporting to MS Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, Merlin, MS Project etc.

Refer to the ”Software” and ”Systems” tabs on the NavBar for more reviews on other goal setting software and systems available.

Buzan Mind Map Book

Or from the ‘inventor’ of the Mind Map – Tony Buzan - this book shows you not only how to do a Mind Map, but how to apply it to different tasks – study, creativity, projects, etc. Using practical examples and a step-by-step approach, you’ll be an expert mind mapper in no time at all.

Harness the power of mind mapping to improve your mind power!

Brain Storm

Brainstorm is your personal map to better understanding creative thinking and the brainstorming process. This book will teach you the basics of how to produce many ideas, evaluate each of them, and pick the best one. This book also features in-depth interviews and profiles of a handful of well known people whose brainstorming skills have led them to incredible success.

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