Emotional Intelligence Essentials for Success

Getting some emotional intelligence essentials is critical to because we all know that achieving success involves other people. Emotional Intelligence is about getting the most out of other people by influencing them in a positive way.

How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You

How to Lead

The “How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You” self-study program teaches the 48 essential skills needed to be an effective, respected leader. It starts by helping you to evaluate you own leadership style, and learn to use your strengths and manage weaknesses. And it then goes on to teach you the key skill-sets needed to lead effectively: Creation of a robust vision of the future; motivation; execution and team member development. This is a high quality program, developed in partnership with true world experts and includes tools, tips, tests and email courses helping you to be an exceptional leader.

Stress Management Master Class

Stress Management Master Class from MindTools.com

One of the lesser understood emotional intelligence essentials, in this Mind Tools course, you’ll learn how to tackle the deep structural problems that cause stress in your working life. As well as introducing you to relaxation techniques, its unique approach shows you how to win control of your job and career, build positive relationships with powerful people and co-workers and thrive under intense pressure. The program has been designed, researched and tested in collaboration with stress experts at University College London.

EQ Training DVD’s

Investigating EQ

Emotional Intelligence

Follow reporter Gabe Garrett as he investigates Emotional Intelligence essentials (EQ) in the workplace. Daily Show meets The Office approach; corny humor teaches the principles of EQ. You will giggle and actually might learn something about yourself or your crazy co-workers.

This DVD borrows from a 'Jon Stewart'-like news format and entertains as well as educates. It's very easy to watch and leaves you with some great information to help understand the basis of EQ and how it can be put to work in any organization. I've seen other training videos - all BORING - but this one sets a new standard.

BRAINS! Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


How Does Hollywood Teach Emotional Intelligence? BRAINS! excites, entertains, and engages your group as they learn. Just as emotional intelligence is an important part of everyday life, it's present in the movies, television, and historical figures we've all come to know. Viewers discover practical strategies for building emotional intelligence essentials that come to life right before their eyes.

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