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The Goal Kicker - Special Launch
November 17, 2008

The Goal Kicker - Special Launch from SuperMindEvolutionSystem

Part 2: Breakthrough Research uncovers Secrets to a Better Life

In the first video you discovered how your inner power, the power of our subconscious mind, could turn energy into matter - your thoughts literally can create your reality.

Then you discovered about the morphogenetic field, and how your influence with this larger mind could hold the key to the evolution of mankind.

Centuries ago you would have been burned at the stake for using magic we've reached a point where science and spirituality meet - and you can now use these 'psychic' abilities to create a magical life for yourself.

The Super Mind Evolution System...

Discover the new ways of programming your subsconscious for effortless personal growth. Improve your life and raise your vibrations automatically!

You'll also discover how to tap into the power around you to -

* See people, places and events in the past, present and future with Remote Viewing

* Influence people with your mind to create win/win situations with Subjective Communication

* Find out the answer to almost any question with The Amazing Mental Pendulum

Visit this link to watch the 3rd Video 'The Power: Secret Research is Finally Revealed'

Learn about the brand new membership club, The Super Mind Academy, that uses the latest cutting edge subconscious programming techniques to help you create a better life for you and your loved ones.

You can also get a pdf report which contains full details of The Super Mind Evolution System. If you haven't yet claimed your free Alpha Mind Control mp3, you can also get this at this link.

The consciousness revolution has begun...

Best regards,


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