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The Goal Kicker - Special Launch
November 13, 2008

The Goal Kicker - Special Launch from SuperMindEvolutionSystem

Part 2: The Evolution of Mankind - Free report!

The 2nd free report from the guys at Super Mind Evolution System is now available to download.

In 'The Power: The Evolution of Mankind', you'll discover -

* How intelligence exists "outside" the physical confines of a living organism

* Why if enough humans have learned something, then it becomes easier for all humans to learn it.

* What the morphogenetic field is, and how this may hold the key to the evolution of mankind

* How a group of people reduced crime, accidents, warfare, and terrorism across the world using their minds

* Why raising your consciousness levels effects humanity, and top 10 tips for raising your vibrations

* How our thoughts influence each other, including a free remote influencing exercise where you can learn to project your thoughts and heal people from a distance (this is taken from a highly confidential report).

Plus if you haven't already claimed it, you can get a free Alpha Mind Control mp3. This powerful audio will help you feel more creative, more aware. It will help raise your consciousness levels and feel much better...

Click here to access this 'must read' report. Discover how YOU can help create a better world :)

The consciousness revolution has begun.

Best regards,


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