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COVID19 - The Ultimate Comeback Plan
March 24, 2020

What a year it's been so far

The first quarter of the year is just about history... and what a historical quarter it’s been. I’m hoping you and your family are healthy and safe at this unprecedented time.

With such a sudden social and economic change, it is a time to count our blessings, reflect on what’s really important to us, and prepare a plan for when the world bounces back.

So I encourage you all to take the time out now to rest, reflect and look toward the future.

And perhaps there are some goals that you can still progress at this time – but what can you do if you got off to a slow start... or if your goals are blocked by changes in circumstance, and you need to re-strategize quickly?

You implement this Comeback Plan by my friend Gary Ryan Blair and absolutely crush some goals in the second quarter. And better still, be ready to get ahead of the pack when the world bounces back from COVID 19.

That's what you do!

Check it out here.

Until next time, stay safe.

Best regards,

Sam Sander
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P.S. Gary is the real deal. He's the guy the Navy SEALs and countless professional athletes go to when they need to improve their execution.

You can download the Comeback Manifesto here.

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