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Are you crushing it or getting crushed?
April 01, 2019

How to crush your second quarter (Q2) goals

Today, April 1st begins the 2nd quarter of the year – which means that the year is now 25% complete.

You’ve had 90 days to build momentum, drive results and rack up some big wins.

Are you crushing it or getting crushed?

Let’s take a look…

If you had ambitions of making $500,000 this year, you should have $125,000 in the bag right now.

If you set a goal of paying off $20,000 in high interest debt, you should have knocked off $5000 by today.

And if you committed to losing 40 pounds, you should be wearing baggy pants and be 10 pounds lighter by now.

Have you surpassed your expectations … and positioned to make this your best year ever?

Are you on track with any of your goals?

Are you even close?

If you have not made as much progress as you’d like in the first quarter, and in need of a jump start to get back on track …. then you’re absolutely going to love the 100 Day Challenge.

100 Day Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge is an online high-performance rapid execution program designed to quickly close any execution gaps and drive radical results – FAST.

It was put together by success guru Gary Ryan Blair and to date, more than 530,000 people and companies have used it to transform their results in just 100 days. By the way, Gary is the guy the Navy SEALs and countless professional athletes go to when they need to improve their execution.

Do yourself a favour and check it out now. I’ll be doing it and would love to have you join me.

Here’s the link to start crushing your second quarter (Q2) goals.

100 Day Challenge

If you act quickly, you can gain access to the same program and execution strategies that elite performers use to get and stay at the very top of their game.

My very best for a productive and profitable second quarter. Best regards

Sam Sander
Achieve Goal Setting Success

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