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Program yourself for success
March 16, 2019

Program yourself for success without even knowing

It's a fact that the human subconscious has the power to make people's dreams come true. That's because the subconscious mind processes everything we say, do, and think.

If we think positive thoughts about ourselves, the sub-conscious goes about turning those thoughts into reality. Of course, the opposite is also true if we program our subconscious mind with negative thoughts.

Affirmations are an accepted way to send positive programming messages to the subconscious. Affirmations are short, positive messages that are usually repeated out loud. By phrasing these affirmations as if they are already true, the subconscious mind goes to work to make them become true.

But what if there were a way to take this already powerful concept and magnify its strength ten-fold? Well, that’s what Subliminal messaging is all about.

Way back in the 1950's, a subliminal messaging advertising pioneer named James Vicary had a brainstorm. Working with his client, a movie theatre owner, Vicary spliced small bits of cellulose into the existing movie film. He added one here, then another further along the reel and yet another ever further into the movie. Each splice represented just one frame of the film. A single frame moves by much too quickly for the human eye to even catch it.

Yet, in the movie theaters where James Vicary conducted his experiments, sales of that new beverage Coca-Cola shot up 18.1% and sales of popcorn popped by 57.7%! James Vicary was hailed by the theater owner as an advertising genius.

And he was a genius, for James Vicary had discovered a secret of the human mind that's still as valid today as it was in the 1950's. When Vicary spliced those snippets of film into the movie reel, they weren't blank. On each and every piece he had carefully printed the phrase...


Now maybe that wasn't the most ethical use of this powerful concept, but it is plain to see by this one example alone, that subliminal messaging really works. And if you can control and be fully aware of subliminal affirmations being fed to you, affirmations designed to improve your life, there would be no ethics problem at all.

That's what SubliminalEzy is all about. This amazing program takes two powerful, life-changing concepts and combines them into one extraordinary software program.

Using SubliminalEzy, anyone can feed powerful affirmations straight to their subconscious, any time they are using their computer, without having to say them out loud. And, in fact, without even being consciously aware that they are doing anything at all to change their lives.

Here's how it works…

SubliminalEzy is a PC program that runs in the background while the user is busy typing or reading or surfing the 'net. All the time, SubliminalEzy is flashing subliminal messages, in such a way that they are sent directly to the user's subconscious mind!

There are over 70 powerful prewritten affirmation categories, but SubliminalEzy also includes everything needed for the user to create your own personalized affirmations.

I highly recommend you start using this powerful program today and let the power of subliminal messaging make a positive difference in your life! What do you have to lose…

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Best regards

Sam Sander
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