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100 Days from now – where will you be?
January 07, 2019

100 Days from now – where will you be?

So, what's your story?

All of us tell stories about ourselves. Stories define us.

When we want someone to know us, we share stories of our childhoods, our families, our school years, our first loves, our achievements, and so on.

Fast forward 100 days to April 10th and think for a moment about the story you are going to tell yourself and repeat numerous times to others.

Will it be a story of...

REDEMPTION and how you turned things around are on a hot streak.

MASSIVE SUCCESS and how you started fast, focused an on fire.

REGRET and how you let so many opportunities slip by.

EXCUSES and how hard it was to get anything done in the first 100 days.

You must accept this 100 days, your story will have been written, and the narrative of that story will be a direct result of your inner dialog, choices and corresponding performance.

The first chapter of your story is waiting to be written...

Is it going to be seen as the sad consequence of neglect, poor character, lack of direction and ambition, or will it be an inspiring example of talent put to good use in the intense pursuit of clearly defined goals?

The 100 Day Challenge was created with a single purpose; to show you how to get more done in the first 100 days of the New Year than most people do over the course of 10 years.

Check it out as enrollment is taking place right now.

Happy New Year!

All the best,

Sam Sander

Achieve Goal Setting Success

P.S. It's no coincidence that you're reading this email...

If you want to create a STORY FOR THE AGES, you owe it to yourself to start the year fast, and maximize the first 100 days.

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