Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was born into relative poverty in Virginia (US) in 1883. He began writing for a small newspaper at age 13, before embarking on a life time of writing on the topic of personal success and achievement.

His life’s work is the cornerstone of modern motivational writing, which is based on the premise that "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" [quote from Hill]. He reached this conclusion by studying ‘successful’ people, and developing 15 “laws” of success. Many of today’s motivational speakers and success experts have adopted Hill’s philosophy of achievement.

Hill’s philosophy of achievement was based on the following general beliefs and principles:

  • The power of personal belief has a powerful role in personal success.
  • Personal success comes from cultivating burning desire and faith, and from autosuggestion and persistence in the attainment of one's goals.
  • ‘Fear’ and ‘selfishness’ have no part in achievement, and are the source of failure in unsuccessful people.
  • Freedom, democracy, capitalism and harmony are important contributing elements – without these, personal aspirations are not possible.
  • 98% of people have no firm beliefs, putting success well out of reach.

His philosophy of achievement is best documented in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. This book is the all-time bestseller in the field of motivation and self-help, and is still a popular seller. Other titles by Hill, embracing his philosophy of personal power and success, are:

  • ‘How to Sell Your Way through Life’
  • ‘The Law of Success’
  • ‘Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude’
  • ‘You Can Work Your Own Miracles’
  • ‘Napoleon Hill's keys to success’
  • ‘Grow Rich!: With Peace of Mind’
  • ‘The Master-Key to Riches’
  • ‘Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion’

To pass on his teachings in personal motivation, success and achievement, Napoleon Hill established the non-profit educational institution called the Napoleon Hill Foundation. His books as well as audios, videotapes and other motivational products are available from the Foundation so you can build up your own arsenal of success secrets and tools.

Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill's classic book offers a life-altering experience. It teaches thousands of people the practical steps to high achievement and financial independence every year. This new edition is the first to contain extensive footnotes, endnotes, appendices, and an index. Now more than a motivational work, it is also a reference book and a mini-history book providing valuable information about Hill, his times, and his success philosophy.

Think and Grow Rich (Original, Unabridged Edition)

Think and Grow Rich

This 12 CD set is the unprecedented blue print for success. Anything your mind can conceive and believe- you can achieve. That is the timeless philosophy of Napoleon Hill, author of this all time motivational best seller, Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hills's classic teaching reveals a secret formula that has created more millionaires than any other book or success system combined. With these proven success principles, you will begin to think outside the box and make your dreams a reality.